World’s largest single-transaction Rolls-Royce fleet purchased
The largest Rolls-Royce Phantom fleet has been purchased by entrepreneur Stephen Hung for his Louis XIII hotel in Macau. He purchased 30 Bespoke Extended Wheel ...full story
Bristol Cars invests in products and London facilities
Earlier this month the 2014 Concours of Elegance was held in London, and Bristol made use of this as a platform to make a series ...full story

Limited edition run of Jaguar Mark 2 by Callum to occur

British car designer Ian Callum redesigned the Jaguar Mark 2 and received fantastic feedback. In fact, feedback was so great that Callum has approved a Classic Motor Cars Limited (CMC) limited edition run of the Jaguar Mar 2 by Callum to be produced.

With the car only being unveiled a few weeks ago, the overwhelming response say people calling from all around the world wanting to get their hands on one.

Callum says he is “astounded and delighted at the response”. Read full story…

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Timelines: October 1914,

Once again, Graeme Rice looks back on the motoring worlds of 100, 75, 50, and 25 years ago

1914The imposing foyer of Argyll’s Alexandria Works building

October 1914

After the glory of the Alex Govan years (1899 -1907) and the trauma of the debilitating court case against Charles Knight over their unique sleeve valve design, pioneer UK manufacturer Argyll moved out of the elaborate Alexandria works in Glasgow, selling the works off to the Admiralty, who promptly started making torpedoes there. Moving out from the Alexandria works must have been quite sobering for the Argyll managers, who would have become accustomed to their ornate terracotta façade, marble entrance hall and marble toilets. It was not quite the end of the company, which survived through the war years and resumed limited production in the 1920s, tailing off late in the decade to making spare parts only.

Ralph de Palma stamped his reputation as the best driver of the day in America, by winning enough races in 1914 in his faithful Mercedes ‘Grey Ghost’ to win the American Drivers Championship. Read full story…

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Motorclassica 2014 sees overwhelming manufacturer support


Just across the ditch in Melbourne, a wide variety of automotive heritage brands will be showcased at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building for the 2014 Motorclassica event.

Contemporary models from Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, and Lotus will be exhibited during the event, which will be held October 24–26.

Motorclassica is all about showcasing unique, collectible, veteran, vintage, classic, and historically significant vehicles. Last year was the first year the event had interested manufacturers’ support and this has rolled over to this year’s event but on a much larger scale. Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar will offer their support again but they’re joined by the long list of prestige competitors as seen above. Read full story…

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Progress on the De Lorean — behind garage doors

It’s amazing what people get up to behind their garage doors.

Having owned this De Lorean for eight years in stock-standard condition, the owner finally decided to bite the bullet and take the step to do a BTTF version after his mock up at the Ellerslie Concours was so well received.

We thought you’d like to see some progress. He hasn’t drilled any holes in the stainless steel either.


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Maserati teams up with fashion icon Bergdorf Goodman


Maserati has teamed up with New York-based luxury goods retailer Bergdorf Goodman for the 2014 northern Fall/Winter fashion season.

The first showcase of their partnership was their collaboration on Begdorf Goodman’s September magazine where they featured together in a photo shoot, that also featured Trident. It was shot in Modena, Italy — the home of Maserati headquarters — and it was all about the past, present, and future of Maserati and fashion. Read full story…

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Southward Car Museum’s second annual Auto Jumble

Auto Jumble (5)

Following the huge success of last year’s Auto Jumble, despite the grey weather, Southward Car Museum are pleased to announce their second annual Auto Jumble on Sunday, the 16th of November! With this year’s weather looking to be improving, pen this event into your calendar — held at the Southward Car Museum on Otaihanga Road, Paraparaumu, it’s set to be a fantastic event for all you car lovers. Read full story…

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