Classic car book reviews: Lamborghini Today ¨— A Tempo Furioso – 194

Lamborghini Book Cover

“The Lamborghini phenomenon can only be described by focusing on human beings, their desires, and the darker areas of the soul. To do this is to walk a dangerous tightrope between provocation and ironic self-criticism.”

If you can live with that type of pretentiously over-the-top writing style, this book is for you. Mercifully, the main thrust is all about lots of lovely images of the current Murcielago and Gallardo, so there isn’t a lot of text — good job really, as the authors don’t have much of interest to say.

A few factory photographs of older Lamborghinis and some nice black-and-white studies of some of the people who put the cars together have also been chucked into the mix but, in the end, the book is just a great big puff-up job for Lamborghini.

One chapter that could have provided a good insight into life at Lamborghini now it comes under the Audi umbrella — a lengthy interview with Dr Martin Winterkorn, chairman of the Audi board of management — is a complete waste; lots of corporate-speak but nothing of real substance.

In fact, the whole book seems to have been funded and printed purely so two blokes could go and have a play in a bunch of Lambos. I’m sure they had a great time — for everyone else it’s a waste of time

Lamborghini Today ¨— A Tempo Furioso by Stephan Grüsem & Peter Vann
Review book supplied by Techbooks
Review by James Black

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