News: 1935 Audi 225 Front Special Roadster recreated for centennial exhibit

Audi 225 fq

This year marks the centennial anniversaries of several European automakers, including Morgan, Bugatti and Audi. To celebrate its 100th anniversary commemoration Audi has just announced its plans. A new exhibit at its mobile museum will feature several historic automobiles from Audi’s past as well as a comic-book-style storyboard highlighting events from the company’s history.

Among the historic pre-war Audis on the reunion tour is a reconstructed version of the mythical 1935 Audi 225 Front Special Roadster (pictured), a particularly elegant runabout of which only two were made, but none survived. Audi Tradition commissioned private coachbuilder Zinke to recreate the Front Special based on an original chassis and some archival photographs. The very first Audi, the 1911 Type A on loan to Audi for the first time from the Technical Museum in Prague, will also feature in the exhibit, taking its place among other historically significant four-ringed automobiles.

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