News: 1959 Corvette gifted to actor Johnny Depp

Everyone likes getting a bonus for hard work done. A few extra grand in your pay at the end of a contract can make all the hours of hard work worthwhile. But what’s better than a few grand? How about a mint-condition 1969 Corvette.

Actor and all round cool cat Johnny Depp received a surprise C1 Corvette gift on the set of his upcoming movie The Rum Diary. In the film adaptation of a Hunter S. Thompson novel Depp drives a 1959 Corvette on screen and was apparently quite taken with the classic. When production wrapped, the film’s director Bruce Robinson gave the ’59 Corvette to Depp as a “thank you” gift for all the actor’s hard work during the film’s making.

Upon receiving the Corvette present Depp was pretty blown away by the gesture. Meaning it is actually possible to find a gift for the man who has everything.

The Rum Diary is expected in NZ cinemas sometime next month. Upcoming movies for Depp include a remake of The Lone Ranger where after filming he may be gifted a horse. Fingers crossed.

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