News: Ford Racing now selling Boss 302 crate engines

Ford Racing in the States is now offering a new crate engine for keen hot rodders and muscle car makers – the Boss 302 5.0L V8.

It was last year when Ford made the Mustang’s 5.0L V8 available as a crate engine and it went well for the blue oval with many finding homes in some serious machines. Now, Ford Racing is offering the Boss 302 as a standalone purchase through its performance parts catalogue, so anyone can drop the 331kW/444hp motor into their own project car.

Why pick the Boss 302 over the standard Mustang 5.0L V8? Well a 23kW power increase for starters, everyone wants more power. The Boss 302 also features some more serious internals like a new high-flowing intake manifold, CNC-machined cylinder heads, upgraded exhaust valves, forged pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft, and a more aggressive camshaft.

The Boss 302 crate motor isn’t going to come cheap, and Ford Racing is listing the Boss 302 V8 crate engine at $11,999 ($14,820 NZD). The standard 5.0 Mustang motor costs much less at $6,999.00 ($8,640 NZD).

To find out more click here to go to the Ford Racing website.

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