News: Rare 1929 Rolls-Royce Phanton II heading to UK auction

A 1929 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Phantom II Weymann Sports Saloon is topping the bill at the Collectors’ Motor Cars and Automobilia sale at Bonhams in Oxford, UK this weekend (March 5th). The car is estimated to sell for £180,000 – 200,000.

The Phantom II has historical significance and was reputedly the last model that Henry Royce designed himself, was announced in September 1929 with deliveries commencing immediately.

Immediately after the end of the Great War the recession in the motor trade prompted Rolls Royce to introduce a smaller, cheaper 20hp car to be built alongside the existing 40/50hp Silver Ghost. In 1925, the New Phantom (known as Phantom I) was introduced, taking Henry Royce’s designs from the old Silver Ghost as well as using the developments and modern features pioneered on the smaller 20hp car.

Unlike its predecessor, which inherited its underpinnings from the 40/50hp model, the Silver Ghost, the Phantom II employed an entirely new chassis inspired by the smaller 20hp Rolls-Royce as well as a new engine.

The Phantom II chassis provided a platform for some of the truly outstanding designs of its day, and was highly favoured by prominent coachbuilders. The example offered by Bonhams carries Weymann-type sports saloon coachwork by H J Mulliner.

Taking its unique place within motoring history, the Phantom II’s few owners have been known for their taste in sporting motor cars, one of which affectionately naming the car “The Captain” in reference to it presence and authority. The Phantom II is presented in fabulous condition having received a complete restoration, and is ready to use for high speed road trips and rallies.

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