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October issue of Classic Car magazine – out now

NZCC 226 October 09 cover

The October 09 issue of NZ Classic Car magazine is on the shelves now, so grab your copy today.

In this month’s issue our cover car is a replica of Tom Walkinshaw’s famous TWR Jaguar XJ-S set to be a safety car on this year’s Drive NZ Classic Tour. We also feature two other safety cars from the upcoming tour, a Daimler 250-V8 and a Range Rover Vogue. With summer approaching it’s time to get your classic looking great so we have a special feature on retrimming your classic and a guide to checking your car’s engine with a compression gauge. We catch up with Denis Bulloch a dead keen Cadillac collector and profile next month’s Targa NZ. In our future classic section we get the low down on the Volvo 850R/T5R Estate and our buyer’s guide takes a look at Honda’s sports cars.

All this and more articles, news, reviews and technical support to keep you informed on the world of classic motoring.

1980 Jaguar XJ-S V12 – The Cat Roars – 226

This replica of Tom Walkinshaw’s famous TWR Jaguar XJ-S will be one of the official cars on this year’s Drive NZ Classic tour

When the XJ-S was launched in September 1975, Jaguar was on a hiding to nothing. For a start, the world was reeling from a major oil crisis; not the best time to introduce a new, gas-guzzling V12-powered car. Secondly, at the start of the XJ-S’ development cycle it looked very much like impending federal requirements would mean the end of the convertible car in the US — and the US market, ever since the days of the XK120, took a large slice of Jaguar’s production pie. In short, the XJ-S would be engineered as a fixed-head coupe.

Thirdly, the XJ-S was intended to replace the legendary E-Type — and how could Jaguar replace what was arguably the best-looking sports car ever built — by any manufacturer — with a tin-top coupe that featured a droopy rear-end and a Spartan (by Jaguar standards) cabin.

Finally, of course, the XJ-S entered production during the dark days when BLMC was calling the shots.

With all the above in mind, it can be seen that the XJ-S didn’t exactly debut on the crest of a wave.

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