Fraser Cars

Fraser Cars Factory – Kiwi Sports Icon – 221

We take a tour through the Fraser Cars factory and grab the chance to road test one of its iconic sports cars.

The Fraser Clubman was born in 1988, a vision of the company’s founder, Neil Fraser. Initially Neil built a sports car for himself inspired by the legendary Lotus 7 — a car which would quickly generate an enthusiastic response amongst the local sports car fraternity. It was this interest that was the catalyst for the birth of Fraser Cars. The company was immediately successful, building complete turnkey Clubman sports cars, as well as supplying them in kit form to aspiring owners who were keen to build their own unique car. Naturally, Neil was there to assist every step of the way if and when his expertise was required.

It didn’t take too long before a group of Fraser Clubman enthusiasts formed their own club in support of the marque — testament to Neil’s vision and superb engineering skills. The Fraser Car Club is currently very active, and participates in everything from track days to leisurely cruises as often as possible.

When visiting the company recently to gather information for this article, I got talking to a very proud owner who had just driven his Fraser all the way from Nelson to Auckland after stopping and participating in the Fraser Car Club’s track day at Taupo along the way. He had built his car himself and had, in fact, squeezed a Mazda V6 engine into the narrow engine compartment — which he said provided exhilarating performance. The car looked fabulous, as it boasted a combination of polished alloy and carbon-fibre body components, one of the many options available from Fraser Cars.

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