Lifelong BMW fan rests under M3 headstone

Are you a BMW fan? Well, not as much as this guy. Englishman Steve Marsh was such a BMW fan that when he passed away at age 51, his family decided it was only fitting to bury him under a gravestone depicting his favourite model . During his life he was such a BMW lover that those who knew him called him “BMW Steve,” so to his family it seemed natural to find a BMW-inspired sculpture.

The Marsh family found a Chinese exporter willing to build a scale-model (that’s right, life-size) BMW M3 convertible, Steve’s favorite, completely from granite. The model cost a whopping £50,000 ($102,900 NZ), and weighs about a ton. It took a crane and 20 operators to lower the stone in position at its final resting place at the Manor Park Cemetery in East London.

The BMW logo can be seen on the bonnet, boot lid and the wheels. Silver-painted headlights, quad exhaust, and an accurate replica of the dashboard are all features.

Naturally, not everyone thinks the gigantic headstone is fair play, there have been some complaints that its a bit of a mockery in an otherwise grim location.  But the family thinks differently, noting Steve’s passion for the car, the brand and his sense of humor.

Considering the weather in London, a hardtop version would make much more sense.