Putsch Racing

Man builds world’s only turbine powered Batmobile replica (+video)

It’s impossible to know when the Batmobile madness will end, there is something about this TV/movie car that makes grown men go to extraordinary lengths to build one.

Having a real-life Batmobile parked in your driveway does have a certain appeal, but the reality may not always check out. Most Batmobile replicas sit on a junkyard chassis and are powered by a old GM-sourced 350 V8. It’s hard to emulate the Caped Crusader when there’s black smoke spewing out the back of your ride and you have to stop every 3km because the cabin overheats.

But not all try-hard Batmans are created equal. A man by the name of Casey Putsch decided he wanted a Batmobile to call his own, but he wasn’t ready to settle for second-rate. Much like Bruce Wayne, Mr Putsch has the means needed for the job, mainly because he’s the owner of Putsch Racing, an outfit that restores, designs and appraises all sorts of automotive machinery. To make his replica unique, Putsch has built what he claims is the only turbine-powered Batmobile in the world. Read the rest of this entry »