View classic 1970s kiwi rallying documentary online

The NZ on Screen website has just made available the full length version of one of NZ’s classic motorsport documentaries. Rally, Like Little Boys in a Man-sized Sport was originally released back in 1973 and follows the Heatway Rally of the same year.

The 1973 Heatway Rally was typical of 70′s rallying, a mud and oil-splattered event in which 120 drivers covered 3600 miles over eight days. Directed by Tony Williams, the film was a major logistical exercise, with five camera units, shot by a who’s who of the 70s NZ film industry. In addition to high speed on-and-off road action, it includes an explanation of what co-drivers actually do, a chance for a driver’s wife to ride in a rally car, and driving and cornering montages set to orchestral accompaniment. It won the Feltex Award for best documentary. Read the rest of this entry »

Porsche releases review video of 2011 Targa Tasmania

The Targa Tasmania is now famous road-rally event that’s been running on the island since 1992. This year’s event has recently finished with the five-day race beginning in the coastal city of George Town and ended in the capital city of Hobart. The event featured some beautiful machinery both classic and modern sports and rally cars battling it out in changing weather conditions.

Some top-level drivers like Walter Röhrl entered the rally this year many of them at the wheel of a Porsche. Never one to miss a trick Porsche has rather conveniently put together a video review from the last leg of the 2011 Targa, and you can watch it by clicking below. In the video you’ll see Porsche driver Röhrl and others talk about their participation in the rally, and plenty of footage of many different makes and models as they navigate the island before finally crossing the finish line.

Check out the video below. Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Dunlop Targa NZ Rally starts Tuesday with special centenary pairing

The 2010 Dunlop Targa Rally is locked, loaded and ready to be launched into the NZ countryside on Tuesday morning. If you can’t make it to the official start on Tuesday, don’t worry, you can see the cars at the Full Throttle Event at the TelstraClear Events Centre in Manukau on Monday. Click here to find out more at the Full Throttle website.

When the Targa cars do set off it will mark a very special achievement for racer Brian Green and his Co-Driver Fleur Pedersen. It will be rally number 100 together for this pairing.

Their partnership started in November of 2002, with the International Rally of Thailand. Since then, they have gone on to compete in 99 rallies together, many of them international events and away from the roads of New Zealand. They have competed on gravel, tarmac, dirt, concrete, snow and ice roads, even competing on a frozen river earlier this year ! However, to celebrate their 100th rally together in their home country, competing in the Dunlop Targa Rally on fantastic New Zealand, makes it even more special.

As would be expected, their 99 rallies together have seen both highs and lows, with their greatest combined achievement coming in 2004 with winning the Malaysian Rally Championship including winning the 2004 International Malaysian Rally.  There have also been plenty of challenges,such as rallying in remote regions of China, dealing with the extreme heat of Indonesia and Thailand and tackling a snow rally for the first time in 2009 in Finland.

Both Brian and Fleur are looking forward to the Dunlop Targa 2010 and are hoping for a successful 100th rally in the Neil Allport prepared Mitsubishi Evolution X.

As Fleur says, “With lots of fun and good times along the way.”

The Dunlop Targa Rally is the start of five busy weeks that include four rallies, in four different cars, held in three different countries. A hectic schedule but one that will be approached by this pair, one exciting event at a time.

After 99 rallies, does the adrenalin still pump when they get into the car together ? “You better believe it!” says Co-Driver Fleur. “We both love the sport and hope to be rallying for a long time to come”.

Check back from Tuesday onwards as NZ Classic Car brings you daily updates of what’s happening in the 2010 Dunlop Targa NZ Rally

Rare Nissan GT-R rally car restored for Goodwood revival

Even keen rally enthusiasts probably have never seen a Nissan GT-R rally car, but they did exist. Not in the current Godzilla, electronically-assisted-everything form, but a true old school racer. This 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 (KPGC10) GT-R in the above image is possibly the only one of these historic vehicles in Europe. If you’re lucky enough to be over there, this Nissan will be on display at this year’s Goodwood Revival in the UK.

This GT-R rally has a nice piece of history too; it was used as a race and track car in Japan until 1985 after which it was stored away for around 20 years. However in 2006, a British Skyline enthusiast got their hands on it, and took it to the UK.  The car then went under a serious restoration program and today has set off to race once again.

Along side the Nissan GT-R rally car at Goodwood, will be a 1971 Datsun 240z Works Rally car built by Oppama in Japan.

The Goodwood Revival Show kicks off this weekend in the UK, check back as we bring you more updates

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Alfa Romeo holding 3,000 car rally in Milan

It seems that the love Alfa Romeo enthusiasts have for their elegantly styled cars knows no boundaries. To prove it, Alfa Romeo is planning a huge gathering of cars and fans in Milan for this June.
It’s a special event being held to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary, and will come exactly 100 years and two days after the brand’s founding date of June 24, 1910.

Alfa plans to have over 3,000 of its cars on the streets of Milan, where the brand first started.

It doesn’t end there, on the second day of the event, Alfa is planning a parade of cars featuring the brand’s “Biscione” emblem on the roof to be filmed by a helicopter as they traverse Milan’s ring road. Other activities will include special guided tours of the museum in Arese and the presentation of a statue donated by the 1,500-member strong RIAR Alfa Romeo owner’s club.

If you’re Alfa crazy and want to get in on the action you’ll need to book a flight and get on to shipping your Alfa shortly. Registering isn’t a hassle you just need to visit the official site and fill in a simple form.

For updates on the rally and on how to take part in this extraordinary event are available at the web site www.alfisti.com.

New Opel Corsa Race Edition vs 1967-1973 Rally Kadett B Sprint

New Opel Corsa Race Edition vs 1967-1973 Rally Kadett B Sprint

Group B: The Rise and Fall of Rallying’s Wildest Cars – 210

Book Review 210 (3)

Group B is still remembered as the most exciting era in world rallying. It may not have lasted long, but those crazy cars made an indelible impression on the minds of many motor sport enthusiasts.

Oddly enough, when reading this new book you actually discover that Group B was originally introduced to calm international rallying down, and to put an end to madcap specials such as the Lancia Stratos. As usual, the egg-heads got it wrong! In the end, Group B was scrapped after a series of well-publicised accidents that cost the lives of spectators as well as competitors. However, Reinhard Klein — whose photographs grace this book — reckons that Group B was killed off by Formula 1 organisers, who believed that Group B rallying was becoming more popular than F1. Those accidents, says Klein, were merely used as an excuse to scrap the category.Book Review 210 (2)

Whatever really happened, there is no doubt this new book should be welcomed by all rally enthusiasts — and even less doubt that Davenport is the right man to write up the enthralling story; he was right in the thick of the action as BL’s competitions manager, and was one of the men behind the thunderous MG Metro 6R4. Impeccable credentials.

Davenport analyses Group B’s genesis and then delivers a chapter on each of the Group B cars. All the well-known cars are here — Metro 6R4, Lancia Rally 037 and Delta S4, Peugeot 205 T16, Ford RS200, Renault 5 Turbo and, of course, the Audi quattro. Just as interesting, there are also chapters on some of the Group B cars you may have forgotten; such the Opel Ascona and Manta, Mazda RX-7, Nissan 240RS, and Escort 1700T.

Davenport knew all the people behind the scenes, so his coverage of the cars and the rallying is well detailed — and he pulls no punches, even when discussing Group B’s final, tragic season and its aftermath. Presented in English and German, this book is enhanced by many never before seen photographs from renowned rally photographer, Klein. This large format book, although rather pricey, is a must-have for serious Group B enthusiasts.

Group B: The Rise and Fall of Rallying’s Wildest Cars by John Davenport and Reinhard Klein
Review book supplied by Techbooks
Review by Allan Walton

Rally crash compilation – no music, just cars

We finally found you a decent rally compilation with just the sounds of engines and bending metal. Enjoy – these are all from Finland’s windy gravel roads

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